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We strive to make ZAP available to everyone, regardless of their economic or socio-economic background.

At Halcyon we are driven by the belief that medication is not health and the answer to an individuals health issue is not a chemical one.

NOTE: We are not anti- prescription medication. There are times when it's vital to survival, however we are anti the 'over prescription of medication' for both children and adults.

This is why all of our system are NON - PHARMACOLOGICAL. We focus on reversing the cause of sickness and disease, as opposed to just treating symptoms.

It's for that reason that a personally coached, 5 week system integration, with unlimited access to a professional wellbeing coach and access to the SWITCH programme as a way to life beyond ZAP costs just.

NZ$198 (incl Gst)

To register or enquire;

Email: zap@the

Subject box: ZAP enquiry or ZAP sign up.

You will receive a response within 24 hours and be underway within 48 hours if that is your wish.


One of the systems we introduce as part of ZAP is 'Humdinger'. This process will require some supplements and ingredients. The cost of the ingredients is somewhere between $35 and $50 depending where you purchase the supplements. Online is generally cheaper (and better quality)

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