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"Thank you very much for helping me with my health issues and confidence. I feel so wonderful and much, much better. You have helped me improve my life a lot" Hannah Jung (Sydney, Aust)

"I just can't get over the fact this is me. Everything you said would happen did - despite me not really believing it would. I'm so happy I can't even explain it, like my entire life has changed in the space of three months. You guys rock. Thank you so much." Eli McMillan (Christchurch, NZ)

“Normally I wouldn’t take the time to offer a note of endorsement for anything like this but SWITCH has now become such an influential part of my life, my health and state of mind that I couldn’t not. I had reservations at the start but by the end of week 5 things started to happen and I haven’t looked back.” Murray Strong (Invercargill, NZ)

"Hey Mate. Just a quick note of thanks for the amazing work you have done converting me from a fat little wanna-be trainer to the real thing. I learned heaps about myself and more than that, I now understand how to really help others. Big ups to you guys" Loui Rutherford (Brissy, Aust)

"Not in our wildest dreams did we anticipate these results. This is the first time since our school days that either of us have gone through a full year without being sick. Sleep issues have gone, gut issues gone, medication completely gone, chronic tiredness gone, and Ali is looking even hotter than when I first met her 7 years ago (if that was even possible). So grateful" James Bissland (Christchurch NZ)

I started Zap expecting to roll into Zap Plus to get rid of a life time of UTI’s. However I was assured by my coach that ZAP plus wouldn't be necessary. Fourteen months on, not a single infection when I would normally have averaged two a month. Not only that, I’ve been completely sickness free which has me gob smacked. My doctor called me up to check I hadn’t died because I’d normally see her a couple of times a month. Unbelievable system. Annie Muller (Auckland, NZ)

"After our dad died we decided as a family to put more time into looking after our health. We took our time finding the right support and the best thing we have ever done is the Zap programme. We feel we now have the right habits and routines to keep us healthy well and lean for life. Totally recommend this programme" The Finau Family (Taupo, NZ)

"I can't honestly say I enjoyed the journey (that Humdinger was hell for me) but I do enjoy the results. This has been a huge transformation, with so many parts of my world having to change. Toni's dedication, way above and beyond, has been the difference, but I'm now totally confident I can do this independently. Awesome result for me. Thank you so very much. Zap rocks" Holly Gibbs (Motueka, NZ)

"Who knew aye? All it took was a bit of effort, the right knowledge and some caring coaching for everything about life to be fantastic. My mental and physical health journey would never had ended without your amazing support. And we have the comfort of knowing you guys are still there to help me keep the rest of my family happy and well" Meg Ryland (Wellington, NZ)

"When we were told we could still eat and drink whatever we liked I was very skeptical. But it was true. This process has just enveloped over my former life with minimal intrusion. Once you understand how the system works it's remarkably easy to do and maintain. I'm now a Zap lifer" Craig Markham (Rotorua, NZ)

"Your team is just fantastic and Zap Plus worked perfectly for me. I really don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Every time I look in the mirror I cry with joy. Te whakaute." Ataahua Mete (Napier, NZ)

"Vanity and confidence were my motivation to do Zap. It only took six weeks and I was on my way, although that Humdinger process almost tripped me up. Lov my results and love how I don't ever have to weigh, count, or measure stuff. This is simply the best way of living for me, for life"
Freya Banks (Timaru, NZ)

"For over 20 years I've had to deal with psoriasis that has dictated my life. I've spent thousands of dollars on lotions and potions, supplements and drugs and a continually worsening problem. Here is the my new reality. Zap Plus has got the ball rolling in just 3 months. I'm not normally an emotional person but this has been life changing. Thankyou!!"
James Sutherland (Blenheim, NZ)

"I had it all. PCOS, thyroid issues, histamine intolerance, liver issues, hormonal imbalance and stubborn weight - to name just a few. In the five weeks of Zap I learned more about my body & health than I had in 10 years. Then Zap Plus dealt with every other health issue. The second pic is 19 weeks after starting. I worked my butt off with my amazing coach, and pleased to report - all health issues gone or totally in control. I really don't know why I put up with so much sh-t for so long" Cathy Loach (Townsville, Aust)

"So here is the thing. I spent months going to doctors and specialists costing hundreds of dollars and used every medication under the sun that I swear destroyed what was left of any good health I had. But only one thing permanently got rid of my skin issues – and Zap Plus is it. Amazing how it works."

Annabel Webber: Christchurch, NZ

“Just some quick feedback from us about our big day. Zap was absolutely amazing. In 5 short weeks we were both whipped into shape but more impressively, we just feel absolutely incredible. My biggest fear of being sick on my wedding day didn’t happen (as you promised) and I just felt so calm and relaxed. Something has happened since we introduced this system!! Very grateful for your support.." Emily and Paul Curtis (nee James) (Whakatane, NZ)

"WOW, what a ride. I remember the first day we talked on the phone and I thought – “This guys a dreamer, no way will I ever achieve a 30+kg weight loss and no way will I ever go back to how I felt in my early 20's." I apologise for ever doubting. Really - all I needed was the right advice, someone to talk to when it got tough and the right steps to follow. Zap is truly a remarkable system" Leigh Ramsay (Wellington, NZ)

"When this process promoted 'no more illness' I had a bit of a chuckle to myself but I was desperate and sick of being ill all the time. But this is it girls – everyone I know who has run Zap has had phenonomal results. I genuinely have been sickness free (unusual for me with all my work air travel) and I do feel incredibly healthy and well." Carol Whitcliff (Hastings, NZ)

"My advice. Don’t piss about. Pay the money, get the coaching and your health issues will be gone permanently. It’s worked for me and everyone I know who has done Zap" Mandy Rae (Dunedin, NZ)

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