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- People who are generally well and wish to stay that way.

- People who are experiencing health or wellbeing changes (tiredness, stress, weight gain, cognitive changes, increased medication use) and want to reverse the trend.

- People who wish to ensure no illness or disease leading into a busy time at work, an overseas trip, a sporting event, family commitment etc.

- People who wish to set themselves up long term with a healthy living model.

- Busy people that are time poor, but recognise that some wellbeing and health changes need to occur before indicators escalate to something more permanent and serious.

- People with significant health / medication issues intending to transition from ZAP to ZAP PLUS

(If you are running a significant health issue it’s worth having a discussion. We can customize a programme (ZAP PLUS) to address a particular health need. See the list of health issues we can resolve without medication in the ZAP PLUS programme.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired - ZAP is your answer.

There has NEVER been an easier, more effective way to improve your health, wellbeing and any weight management issues.

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